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Time Out

Have you ever just needed “Time Out”, so you can collect your thoughts and have a moment’s peace and quiet? Yea, me too…

Time Out!

Time Out!

When my children were small, I’d run to the bathroom, and hide for a moment. Of course they know where I’m at, because they are banging on the door with hi-pitched yells of MOM!! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! MOMMY!! Oh God, I do not miss those days. My Mother said, “It’s payback time for all the ‘cut-short’ visits I had to make to the necessary room”. She’s likely right though. I did bang on the bathroom door yelling for her. I even remember, and that’s something for a tiny tot to still remember doing that. I must have been a ferocious little turd to raise.

Oh yes, Chickens! I’ve not forgotten, really. I’m getting there. So here it is.

Time Out, now means that I get to walk outside and go sit with the girls. Usually, I sit with the 15 new hens, who are now mature enough to lay eggs. They are still young enough to be curious about what I’m doing and they still like to be with people. I’m glad. My older ladies who are separated from the younger ladies aren’t really “into” body contact and they have mood swings. (laughing). They are old and grumpy. They aren’t much fun to sit with really. I talk to them and they look at me and I know they are just really saying, “Piss off”. Sigh…  Here’s a picture of the older ladies (Grumbles a Lot, Stupid Chicken, Sweetie, Boss Lady, Blackie, Top-hat, Mohawk, Soggy-bottom-girl, Crissy, Meanass, Pecky).

The Older Ladies

The Older Ladies

Now, my younger minions looooooooooove me. They come worship at my feet. I mean really… (OK, I’m having a bit of fun at your expense, but bear with me).

They usually follow me around wondering what I’m doing. I have to shoo them out-of-the-way; sometimes shoving them with the toe of my shoe. Falling face first down into a fresh pile of poop would be no fun. They do not understand this! (Yes, that’s the top of my head)


I call the ladies, “My Minions” or, “My adoring fans”. They know I love them dearly. Most of them want face kisses. Some just prefer to be left alone, and I respect that (mostly). Sometimes, I still grab them up and kiss the devil out of them and put them down. Sort of like you’d do with a rebellious kid. I only have a couple like that from the New Flock.

However, I never have to force Victoria into a lap-time hug. She just falls asleep.  She’s an Ameraucana. Such a lovely little lady who lays the prettiest blue-green eggs.

Lap-Time Nap with Victoria

Lap-Time Nap with Victoria

As the girls grew up and became full-grown hens, I was afraid they would become cold and distant. So far, they have not. Actually, they seem to look forward to my visits and look up at me with such intensity that I wonder what they are trying to convey to me? Food? Likely… Chickens are quite food motivated. One of the ladies whose name is “Cleo”, short for Cleopatra, feels it her given right in the flock to groom me. Any freckle, any  bit of trash on my leg or do-dad that she deems edible she’s going to snag up. If it’s a mosquito, watch out! She’s going to snag that little bugger! I hardly know what she’s up to until I watch her. She can silent and painlessly pick off anything on my body. Amazing. Well, all except the freckles. She’s not been successful at that yet. Usually that ends poorly, and she’s learning that freckles are not meant for eating or picking off.  Photo below of Cleo!  Determined little face, huh?

Cuckoo Maran

Cuckoo Maran

Well, in closing here… It’s just my consensus that, to have a flock of chickens is therapy for Time Out. Usually about 3 in the afternoon the girls and I visit and we catch up on the day. Some just flop down on my foot and go to sleep. Others like to sit there and let me groom them. They love the little feathers in tender areas (rump) picked over. I don’t get very involved there, but I notice other hens do that to each other, so occasionally, I’ll reach around and tug on some of the fluffy feathers like I’m grabbing a bug. (Laughing again here) – They turn and see what I’m grabbing to eat. (Yea Right! Ha, ha! Not..) It is cute though.

♥Chicken Mom♥


Eggs Eggs Eggs

I find people are quite fascinated with the color of the eggs the girls lay. The reaction varies from Ooos, to Ahhs, to WOW! One never knows exactly the sounds the viewer will have but they are all unanimous with expression of amazement and joy.

Children are especially enchanted with the different colors. I find the adults just wonder why the different colored eggs come out of the same bird.

When looking at the lovely brown eggs or white eggs in the store. You see a factory process of selection. The eggs which are not standard grades are cut out of the lineup. Eggs which are less than perfect have a grading system which determines their next journey. The Grade A’ head right to the market. Some Grade B’ do make it to the Supermarket shelf. The lower grade the less they are eaten.

Mostly this process is done because consumers want pretty perfect eggs and the stores know it. There is likely nothing wrong with the eggs you would get with a Lower Grade, but factories bring their standard ideas of what eggs should be to your market. The rest are culled out and sent for either packaged, dried, or animal food.

Just because I love the colors I am putting them on here for you to see…

These are “Honey’s Eggs”. Lovely rich brownish tan. Honey is a mix breed hen. Her Dad is Buff  Wyandotte and her Mom a  Copper Maran. Mix breed hens are infertile and will not produce chicks. honeys-eggs

These next ones were laid by the two lovely Ameracuna hens, Victoria and Elizabeth.

ameraucana chicken eggs

Ameraucana Eggs

Then here are the many different hen eggs I get daily.  This is two days worth of eggs.

All Different Shades!

All Different Shades!

These were laid by the rest of the ladies. Can you make out that really pale weird shaped one with the wrinkles?  That egg was laid by Mucky Butt. She’s old like Methuselah. When she lays it’s always exciting! She even looks proud of herself! She makes some really cute noises when she lays, but she’ll eat your hand off if you muck with her…

Eggs depending on the age, food and temperature can be thin shelled or thick shelled. If Calcium is low in the hen then frequently resulting eggs will be thin shelled. However, this is not a hard fast rule. An Old hen can be normal and lay thin shelled eggs. 

Then there’s the really weird happenings in the hen-house…  I call these lizard eggs.

Lizard Looking Chicken Egg
Lizard Looking Chicken Egg

These below are called “Wind Eggs” or “Fart Eggs”


This is a small egg with no yolk. It is fairly common when a pullet is first coming into lay. It is not important and can be ignored, unless the pullet continues to lay such eggs. Wind eggs can also occur in older hens if they are subject to sudden shock or temperature changes.