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Eggs Eggs Eggs

I find people are quite fascinated with the color of the eggs the girls lay. The reaction varies from Ooos, to Ahhs, to WOW! One never knows exactly the sounds the viewer will have but they are all unanimous with expression of amazement and joy.

Children are especially enchanted with the different colors. I find the adults just wonder why the different colored eggs come out of the same bird.

When looking at the lovely brown eggs or white eggs in the store. You see a factory process of selection. The eggs which are not standard grades are cut out of the lineup. Eggs which are less than perfect have a grading system which determines their next journey. The Grade A’ head right to the market. Some Grade B’ do make it to the Supermarket shelf. The lower grade the less they are eaten.

Mostly this process is done because consumers want pretty perfect eggs and the stores know it. There is likely nothing wrong with the eggs you would get with a Lower Grade, but factories bring their standard ideas of what eggs should be to your market. The rest are culled out and sent for either packaged, dried, or animal food.

Just because I love the colors I am putting them on here for you to see…

These are “Honey’s Eggs”. Lovely rich brownish tan. Honey is a mix breed hen. Her Dad is Buff  Wyandotte and her Mom a  Copper Maran. Mix breed hens are infertile and will not produce chicks. honeys-eggs

These next ones were laid by the two lovely Ameracuna hens, Victoria and Elizabeth.

ameraucana chicken eggs

Ameraucana Eggs

Then here are the many different hen eggs I get daily.  This is two days worth of eggs.

All Different Shades!

All Different Shades!

These were laid by the rest of the ladies. Can you make out that really pale weird shaped one with the wrinkles?  That egg was laid by Mucky Butt. She’s old like Methuselah. When she lays it’s always exciting! She even looks proud of herself! She makes some really cute noises when she lays, but she’ll eat your hand off if you muck with her…

Eggs depending on the age, food and temperature can be thin shelled or thick shelled. If Calcium is low in the hen then frequently resulting eggs will be thin shelled. However, this is not a hard fast rule. An Old hen can be normal and lay thin shelled eggs. 

Then there’s the really weird happenings in the hen-house…  I call these lizard eggs.

Lizard Looking Chicken Egg
Lizard Looking Chicken Egg

These below are called “Wind Eggs” or “Fart Eggs”


This is a small egg with no yolk. It is fairly common when a pullet is first coming into lay. It is not important and can be ignored, unless the pullet continues to lay such eggs. Wind eggs can also occur in older hens if they are subject to sudden shock or temperature changes.