Ouch&Throwing in the Towel

For weeks and weeks I’ve stumbled over the words and just decided to not say a word about the death of my little chicken love. I’m not sure how really to talk about it without bawling my eyes out. I’ve just really just tried to look at this from an outsider view of events which might happen to others…  An Onlooker I shall become, so I can talk and therapeutically exercise my heart-break.   It may work. We shall see.

No pet has ever make me laugh like Lucy (OK, I need to practice the “Onlooker” partition and disassociate myself for a bit) (I just rolled my eyes – Oh god). She was a near perfect chicken. She may have looked like a normal Buff Orpington, but from the start I knew she was something AMAZING! She proved to be just that and more.


Most chickens are just Chickens. Lucy was way above “Chicken” status. She’d reached favored pet, Best friend, and gave the bestest chicken hugs. Yes, I said, “bestest”. What else can you call it when a chicken sits on your lap nuzzles you close, and just puts her head on your shoulder and shuts her eyes? Yep, Bestest!

She followed me like a dog, gently pecked the beggar weeds off my shoes, and made little cooing sounds which told me she had discovered the bread in my pocket. If I was blue, Lucy was right there to remind me, ‘It’s going to be alright’.

There was a small wreck outside my house and in the rush to make sure all’s well out there, I forgot to close the gate all the way. A random dog also canvassed the scene outside the house, and found the open gate. Lucy and the other girls were out free ranging the acre, being chickens. The dog did what a dog might be prone to do in such a case; chase chickens. This he did and Lucy was dead before I could get him out of the yard. So, I feel a double whammy.  I leave the gate open, and Lucy is Dead. Of course I feel to blame.

I do know that chickens don’t live forever. I think 8 years is considered a nice long life. In trying to be philosophic here, but the sting is still burning of her being gone. I wasn’t ready to let her go.

Another stupid dog got Victoria, who I was able to save. Lucy she isn’t, but she’s a lovely, sweetheart of a hen who may just have potential… God knows, she sure doesn’t lay for crap! So, I’ll just love her to bits.

“I LOVE LUCY”  Thank you little darlin…

8 responses to “Ouch&Throwing in the Towel

  1. Oh, I am so sorry….I felt that there might be something wrong because I hadn’t heard from you in awhile. This is awful. Darn dogs…. Sending hugs your way….

    • Lesley 🙂 Yep, your heart told ya. I have been very recluse. Talked to just family more than anyone else, and not a heck of a lot of that, but Christmas helped me through it. Surrounded with love made the sting less. You are so kind… Thank you. PS. The girls are still on strike. I talked to a chicken farmer friend of mine and he said that mine aren’t the only ones doing this. With the weird weather we’ve had in Florida in the last 9 months, it messed up the laying cycle for them.

  2. Casey had told me of Lucy but without details. I am so sorry! I know she was special and can remember hearing your laugh amidst her name being interjected in the midst of some happening. She was indeed a lucky girl to have found her way to both your home and your heart. Hugs to you, dear friend, and may you remember her with more and more smiles and fewer tears.

    • Patti, 🙂 Also Yep… I had posted this on a chicken forum and knew you had seen it because you clicked a reply. Honestly, I didn’t know anyone else could see that post. LOL Then I laughed. OF COURSE THEY COULD! Facebook… UGH. – I still needed the therapy of typing it out (and crying), so with that behind me, I can move forward. – How are your ladies? (I owe you a call too).

  3. Oh Cousin – I’m sorry. Other than that I’m all out of words.
    Love you,

    • Cousin! ((hugs)) Yeah, the words failed me too honestly. Seemed like blubbering was about all I could muster (when alone of course). We’ve shared pet dramas already in life. 🙂 I love you also!

  4. hugs from Clairissa in the UK

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