The Eradicator

The Wonder of Chickens

This afternoon the girls were roaming the yard quietly doing their thing. I was sitting by the Koi pond talking to a dear friend, catching up on life.

I noticed one bird in particular running like a Mad-Hatter across the yard with about 4 other hens in pursuit. They do this frequently, so I took little notice of the event; I mean other than chuckling, because it was funny (They run like tourists, barefooted on HOT beach sand).

Then they were fighting over some tidbit of desire.  Likely some poor little lizard or bug. I had no clue they ate other creatures, but seemingly they not only eat them but they hunt for them too.

Like the day ‘Grumbles A Lot’ caught something in the grass and the Keep-Away game ensued, with 20 hens trying to grab what ‘Grumbles A Lot’ caught. Watching out of the house window, I was so curious what she had that I even ran outside. I could see something dangling out of her mouth, and it looks like a piece of fat cord which I used to tie something down. OH CRAP! If she swallows that, she’s going to die!  So I ran after ‘Grumbles A Lot’ too. Soon we have a huge commotion going on in the yard, and then my Husband runs out to see what’s wrong…  I explain that she’s found cording and if she downs that, she’s a goner so I’m trying to get her. (Now imagine doing that much talking, while dodging and bobbing and weaving in and our of obstacles, all the while chasing a hen).

I finally corner ‘Grumbles A Lot’ and what she caught was a Pygmy Rattlesnake! OMG!  She breaks free of the corner and goes to running again, and soon she’s gobbled up the whole snake. Even the tail disappears into her crop. She’s either a dead hen now, or she’s just happily full.  I watch her for over an hour. Nothing Ill happening….  Two Hours… nothing new.  She looks happy and pecking away like normal.

Somewhat perplexed and pleased, I come to the revelation, Really?  They eat snakes?  HOLY TOLEDO!

The conversation with my friend ends and I walk back to the house from the Koi Pond.  Laying limp pecked to death and goodly scratched, was a dead rat!

Evidently, they hunt Rats Too!

I love my chickens….

9 responses to “The Eradicator

  1. wow. looks like I need some chickens..xo

  2. Woah mom! That is amazing!! ….who needs mouse traps? Not us.

  3. I agree Casey!! Woo Woo for Elizabeth! (and whoever else shared in the ending…) I mean I like rats actually as pet RATS but I don’t like them making families in the yard.

  4. First a venomous snake and now a rat? Incredible! Wonderful, but incredible!

  5. LOL Holy Catfish!! I had a few scarey flashbacks of my Grandmother chasing her chickens trying to corral them…She would chase behind them
    just a’flappin’ her large wide apron…..Gin, that was a picture of you too out here chasing after your chickens.
    Just call me Dumb Cluck

    • LOL So, I’m your Grandmother Reincarnated…
      I do weird stuff with the birds. Yes… But I still can’t hack off a head. Sorry…

  6. Rotflol. Damn you either write funny stuff or you have a funny life.. I am not sure which. I am pretty sure it is a bit of both.

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