Crossing Over…

I know I talk a lot about some birds which pass… I had bought some older birds about two years ago. I didn’t know how old they were when I got them. But, I still felt compelled to get them… Well, evidently they were quite old, and the chicken farmer saw me coming. <g> I do believe all happens for the greater good though, so the opportunity gave me time with some really good layer birds and they taught me what they wanted and needed; making me a much better chicken Mommy for future birds.

Well, my morning was greeted with an old hen who’s been passing away for the last week. This morning, she was sitting on the floor of the coop, leaning over. Her journey here is almost over. While they are making the transition, I talk to them daily, petting them, and reassure them that they always have a home here… I make sure to thank them for feeding our family and tell them, “it’s OK to go”…

Do I cry? Oh yes; every time… Even more so when another of their coop mates sit along side of them as they go; which they frequently do. I’ve never had any of my birds peck at another who’s on the way out. Usually, they just go sit with them or hang around close by.

I lifted the passing hen and put her in the “safe spot”. Others can come see her, but she’s at least out of the walking paths.

Life is odd… It is beautiful…


4 responses to “Crossing Over…

  1. I like the way the chicken family looks after each other at death. Lovely story. xo

  2. Lesley Royce

    Thank you for your kind spirit. How wonderful if all creatures had somebody loving and caring looking out for them during their final days.

    • Hey sweetie 🙂 Thank you! I think we should all care for our own personal corner of the universe… You care for that lovely Merlin, the Bard Owl.. No telling what his life would have been like without you…

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