Honoring Life and Food

Honoring Life and Food

The Food Making Process

Kids today seem to be very disconnected from their food sources. I had this talk with a lovely lady recently who visited our home to pick up eggs and have a friendly cup of tea. I’ve been thinking on it ever since…

Morgan is my grand-daughter. A lovely, tousled, dark amber-colored, mop-headed bundle of energy. She loves the chickens. Always she wants to “get eggs Mi-Mi”. Of course even if I have already gotten them, I encourage her to go check anyhow. Never know if you miss one. She is Thrilled with the experience. One day I saw her coming in the gate, and before she could see me, I slipped the eggs back in the nest. When I greeted her, of course she wanted to check for eggs. Oh! You are right on time Morgan. Come See!

What I like about the “girls” is that the eggs are so unique. Never is any one the same as another. As a matter of fact, most of them I know when I see them, and can match up with the hen who has laid that egg. The eggs are as different as each chicken. Right down to Mucky-Butt who lays rubber eggs sometime. Then Lucy who usually coats hers with a big plop of poo. No, chickens aren’t all glorious. But you knew this, right?

Anyhow, on this day, one of the eggs laid was particularly misshapen and bumpy. I got the chance to explain to Morgan that eggs are unique every day, just like kids and flowers and trees. They were all different.  But, Mi-Mi, the store eggs aren’t like this…  No they aren’t. Why do you think that is Morgan? She shrugs and looks puzzled.  Well, sugar, they are separated out and they go into other things like pet-food or just thrown away. Most people in the stores won’t buy eggs which aren’t pretty; And it’s a shame they are thrown out because they don’t “look perfect” because inside they are perfect. She, says… “Kind of like people?”  Exactly honey…

We hug and laugh and go grab a chicken to cuddle…

2 responses to “Honoring Life and Food

  1. What a great opportunity to teach your granddaughter about being tolerant of differences! Great job.

  2. We are BIG on Acceptance here…
    I loved your visit. Thank you for the inspiration!

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