Lizard Eggs

Every day when I check the “girls” for the egg offering, I usually don’t find much out-of-the-way or weird, but we do have quite a few eggs with their own uniqueness. Some might be smaller, whiter, browner, speckled, wrinkly, warped or even bumpy…

Then there are just the few times when you just think to yourself, “OH MY GOD, what is this??!

Bending over the girls nests picking up the daily eggs, I see a squishy looking bubble shaped egg. It was like a lizard egg but massive! (I mean for a lizard). But this chicken egg was like leathery and gooey to push on.

Weird Leather Like Shelled Egg

It was like any other egg on the inside but on the outside, just the membrane of the usual egg and the yolk and white. No Shell. It still remains one of the oddities from the Hen House.


I want Ducks…

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