Two Middle Aged Hens

When I say “Two Middle Aged Hens” I don’t mean the chickens…

I have a friend, Patti who’s the type of friend you run into every now and then; and thank God for them.  She’s one of the Two Middle Aged Hens, and I’m the other.

While visiting the other night Patti offered to help me put diatomaceous earth on the chickens. Diatomaceous earth is a powder form of  fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is used as a filtration aid, mild abrasive, and mechanical insecticide.  So, it naturally kills parasites on birds if you dust the animal with it.  I have 35 birds, and now I also have comic relief for the next month remembering the event.

I’m short and sturdy, Patti is tall and leggy. I was happy to say we both caught birds equally well, but she’s more reachy…  Her arms naturally longer she can grab up those little suckers a bit easier than my pudgy ones do.

Just for humor sake, think of two middle-aged women running around a chicken yard covered in white powder and laughing hysterically, trying to grab up dodging-nimble chickens and sweating profusely in 90 degree Florida heat. this is stage material comedians would love to have.

To our dismay we find another bird with Vent Gleet (mucky-butt). It smells the instant we turn up its rump. She’s never been the healthiest bird with her weak annal and vent muscles it’s no surprise she’s got the Gleet problem now. She should likely be culled but, Dang It! I don’t want that…  Patti makes the same face I do and we dive in dusting her rump anyhow. We get the “BIRD METAL OF HONOR” for that maneuver as we shudder and release the offensive smelly fowl (laughing). Poor thing. Now I have to get her locked up in a ” decontamination area”, and treat her. Well, it worked alright for the first bird with this problem so it will either work with her or she’ll expire (?). The trade-off is a sick bird. I’ll risk the treatment and perhaps she’ll recover.

Patti and I both expire of energy after about 2o or so birds, however, they were the ones I suspected of lice. The others I have some natural spray for which will eliminate any onset of traveling parasites.

After laughing our rumps off we finally end up sitting beside the Koi Pond cooling our feet in the water and letting minnows nibble our toes. Ah, country life…

There was not one bird except maybe Lucy who actually forgave us for dusting them so liberally with Diatomaceous earth, but they will live. This morning they seem more or less OK with me again; but a couple still eyed me as a human with suspicious intent and malicious plans.

I’ll know in a couple of weeks how the treatment worked. Then onto plan “B” if this fails.

Thank You Patti 🙂

2 responses to “Two Middle Aged Hens

  1. Since I know Patti, I can visualize this chicken-chasing episode! Thank you so much for giving me my laugh of the day. Must have been even funnier to be there.

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